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Important guidelines


Before using, read the operating instructions to ensure correct use of the device. Incorrect handling of the product may potentially lead to personal injury or property damage. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from improper operation or use beyond the normal use as defined in the operating manual. This is defined in the operating manual.


The information in the operating manual may be changed without prior notice. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for errors that may appear in the operating manual. Reproduction, transmission, or use of this document or its contents without express written permission is not allowed. Ignoring all the instructions listed below can lead to electric shock, fire, and/or serious injury.

About the Symbols

Different symbols are used to ensure correct use of the devices and to prevent hazards to the user as well as property damage and other types of damage. The meanings of some of these symbols are described below. Please read these descriptions carefully.

Symbols explained

Installation only by a person with electronic expertise

This symbol indicates a safety instruction: "Caution! Installation by qualified electricians only specialist.

Dangerous voltage

This symbol indicates an additional warning (including precautionary measures): "Avoid contact with electricity". contact with electricity.

See operating instructions/brochure

This symbol indicates a mandatory measure: "Read the operating instructions/brochure before starting work or operating devices or machines.

Take care of the environment

Used electrical and electronic appliances must not be disposed of with household waste. The device contains valuable raw materials that can be recycled. Therefore, dispose of the device at the appropriate collection depot. (EU Directive 2012/19 / EU)